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The class on Thursday 30th May 2019 will be at Dean Trust in Orrell.  The usual classes are cancelled because of half term.
Congratulations to Jenson Mellor who got his orange belt in April. 

 Stephen Bennett graded to 1st Dan in December 2018

Congratulations Stephen, you have worked hard and fully deserve it.


Ruby McManus was awarded the Katherine Cheshire Trophy for top grader at gradings on 8th December 2018. 



Third recipient of the Katherine Cheshire Trophy was Bradley McCann.  He gave such a great performance at his 1st Kyu grading that there was no way it couldn't be his.  Well done Brad, and well deserved


Second recipient of the Katherine Cheshire Trophy was Andrew Fitzsimmons.  Andrew had not been attending the club very long but showed such determination and practised at home that there was really no other candidate.

Sensei Richard promoted to 6th Dan
On 25th April 2016, Sensei Richard was awarded the grade of 6th Dan by the NAKMAS National Management Committee.
Following a detailed application process and interview with Sensei Gary Smith of NAKMAS, he received the letter of confirmation and certificate a few days later.
He is very pleased to be awarded 6th Dan and looks forward to continuing to teach karate for many years to come.

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