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Name: Sensei Richard Pavšič
(LSKA Official: Chief Instructor)


Grade: 6th Dan


Started Karate: March 1975


Present/Past Senseis: Bojan Sever, Takashi Tokuhisa, Taiji Kase, Phillip Handyside, Charles Gidley

1st Dan Black Belt: June 1983

2nd Dan Black Belt: June 1991

3rd Dan Black Belt: December 1997

4th Dan Black Belt: December 2001

5th Dan Black Belt: April 2009

6th Dan Black Belt: April 2016

Notable achievements:

March 2016

SKA Open National Kata Championships

Silver - 2nd Place Veterans Event


March 2015

SKA Open National Kata Championships

Gold - 1st Place Veterans Event

August 2008

JSKA World Championships

Bronze - 3rd Place Individual Veterans Kata  

Bronze - 3rd Place Team Kumite


LSKA Instructors


Below are some of the Black belt instructors who train at Lancashire Shotokan Karate Academy. In addition to following a traditional shotokan karate syllabus, a number of club members have represented LSKA at local, national and international competitions.  All official instructors are insured and DBS checked and have completed the NAKMAS Equality Awareness Module.  We also have guest instructors at some classes.

Some of LSKA people enjoy going to competitions and others don't - it doesn't matter what your view is on this - everyone does what they are comfortable with.  We don't place any pressure on peope to compete but like to encourage those who do.

Ste B 2nd Dan.jpg

Name: Stephen Bennett

(LSKA Official:Instructor)

Grade: 2nd Dan

Started Karate: A long time ago!

Present/Past Senseis: Richard Pavšič, Billy Higgins

KC (2)_edited.jpg

Name: Katherine Cheshire

(LSKA Official: Instructor)


Grade: 2nd Dan


Started Karate: January 2011


Present/Past Senseis: Richard Pavšič/Chris Thomas, Chris Cray

KUGB Champion in Kumite at National, World & European Level


Name: David Presho

LSKA Official: Assistant Instructor

Grade: 3rd Kyu

Started Karate: March 2016

Sensei: Richard Pavšič

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